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Household All In One 51.2V 20kwh 15kwh 10kwh 700Ah ESS Stackable Modular 35kwh Home Storage System

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KMD 5kWh 10kWh 15kWh 20kWh All-in-one Home Solar Battery Storage System With Inverter is the latest version of battery storage system. The newly designed system provides easy connector to save valuable time for installaters. The stacking system provides flexible configurations from 5.12kWh to 20.48 kWh capacity.

KMD All-in-one Home Solar Battery Storage System With Inverter is rechargeable home battery system that is installed with solar panel. When the sun rises, solar begins powering the home. When additional power is required for the home, the home can pull it from the utility grid.

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KMD All-in-one Home Solar Battery Storage System With Inverter is charged by solar during the day, when solar panels are producing more electricity than the home is consuming. KMD All-in-one Home Solar Battery Storage System With Inverter then stores that energy until the home needs it, such as when solar is no longer producing at night, or when the utility grid is offline during a power outage.
When the sun comes out the next day, solar recharges KMD All-in-one Home Solar Battery Storage System With Inverter so you have a cycle of clean, renewable energy.
Vertical industry integration ensures more than 6000 cycles with 80% DoD.
A variety of charging methods, which can be charged with photovoltaic or commercial power, or both at the same time
You can use 4 batteries in parallel at the same time, and can provide a maximum of 20kwh for your use.
The inverter has a variety of working modes. Whether it is used for main power supply in the area without
electricity or backup power supply in the area with unstable power to deal with sudden power failure, the
system can respond flexibly.
Integrated inverter design, easy to use and quick to install. Small size, minimizing installation time and
cost Compact and stylish design suitable for your sweet home environment.
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Battery module
Rated Battery Voltage 48V/51.2V
Rated Energy 5.12kWh
Max.Charge And Discharge Rate 1C
Battery Type LFP(LiFePO4)
Weight 45KGS
Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) 651x454x154
System parameters
System Structure  avsb (21)  avsb (20)  avsb (19)  avsb (11)  avsb (10)  avsb (9)  avsb (8)
Rated Output Power 5500W
Number Of Batteries In Parallel 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Battery Energy 10.24kWh 15.36kWh 20.48kWh 25.6kWh 30.72kWh 35.84kWh 40.96kWh
MPPT Voltage Range 40~60V
Operating Temperature 0℃~+50℃(Charging)/-20℃~+60℃(Discharging)
Storage Temperature -30~60℃
Humidity 5%~95%
Cooling Strategy Fan
Ingress Protection Rating IP20
Communication WiFi/RS485/RS232/CAN(Optional)
Weight 130KGS 175KGS 220KGS 265KGS 310KGS 355KGS 400KGS
Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) 661*464*670 661*464*824 661*464*978 661*464*1132 661*464*1286 661*464*1440 661*464*1594
Certificate CE/UN38.3/MSDS
Rated Output Power 5500W
Max.Output Current 24A
Rated Output Voltage 220/230/240VAC
Rated Frequency 50Hz,60Hz
Efficiency (DC to AC) ≥92%
DC Output Voltage 54VDC
DC Output Current 30A, up to 60A
Output Wave Sine Wave
Output Type Pluggable Connector
AC Input Voltage Range Wide Voltage 120-280VAC/Narrow Voltage 170-280VAC
AC Input Frequency 50Hz,60Hz
AC Charging Current Of The Inverter 37A
Max. PV Power Generation (Recommended) 5000W
Max.PV Voltage 450VDC
MPPT Voltage Range 120VDC~450VDC
Max. PV Charging Current (Battery) 20A
Weight 23KGS
Dimensions (L*W*H)(mm) 651x454x164


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Company Profile

Kamada own an exelletent engineer team with rich experience in battery research, development and always pay attention to the latest development in lithium batteries and the latest applications.  Currently, we support various customized solutions of RS485 RS232 / CANBUS / Bluetooth, active equalization, battery self-heating, high and low-temperature control discharging and charging.  At the same time, it has a group of professional production and quality management team, which strictly controls the production process for every step.

Shenzhen Kamada Electronic Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing  and  sales of  lithium  iron phosphate battery for energy storage system and SLA replacement battery solution. Our products are qualified with ISO9001, UL, CB, IEC62133, CE, ROHS, UN 38.3  and MSDS standard and widely apply to solar home storage systems, UPS, Golf Trolley Cart, Yacht, Fishing Boat, AGV, forklift and other customized battery areas, Our R & D teams are capable for hardware and software research and development. Features and advantages Modular all-in-one designQuick installation with plug&play Flexible battery capacity expansion Li Fe PO4 battery cell, safety and reliable Modular and all-in-one design, compact andelegant appearance, battery is expandable.



Q 1. Can I have a sample order?

 1. Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.

Q 2. Would you accept to use our logo ?

A: All of our products are accepted to print your logo on the enclosure and package box,
it depends on the amount, from 200pcs to1000pcs.

Q3. how can we guarantee quality?

A: Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection
before shipment;

Q 4. What kind of certificate you have ?

A: CE/TUV/MSDS/ISO/CB/UL/ROHS certificates.etc.

Q 5. Are you a factory or trading company?

A: Yes,we are factory, supplying OEM/ODM service. 

Q6. How to choose suitable inverter?

A: If your load is resistive loads, such as: bulbs, you can choose a modified wave inverter.
But if it is inductive loads and capacitive loads,
we recommend using pure sine wave power inverter.

Q7. How do I choose the size of the inverter?

A: Different types of load demand for power are different. You can view the load
power values to determine the size of the power inverter.

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