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60V 72V 50Ah 80Ah 100Ah Lithium LiFepo4 Battery for Golf Cart Battery Pack

Short Description:

1. Lithium iron phosphate battery ( LiFePO4).

2. Currently the safest lithium technology.

3. Excellent resistance to abuse.

4. Less than 3 % self discharging.

5. Maintenance-free,modular and light weighto Up to 60 % weight saving.

6. Battery monitoring storage history Built in safety protection.

7. Quality guaranteed5 Years Warranty,10-15 Years Designed service life.

Product Detail

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72v 48v 36v lithium golf cart battery

The Kamada Golf Cart Lithium Battery is designed for 36v 48v 72v golf carts with a nominal voltage of 51 volts. It adopts the latest lithium iron phosphate technology.

The product adopts our self-designed intelligent BMS active equalization protection board and A-grade LFP cell, with high power density, 4000 cycles, long service life, easy to install and expand, etc., which fully reflects the actual needs of end-users and the strong technical strength of our Kamada Power Company.

Kamada golf cart lithium battery is an environmentally friendly lithium battery energy storage solution. We use phosphate instead of cobalt, which avoids environmental issues, reduces the possibility of thermal runaway of the battery due to improper handling, and saves production costs. This product has a lower capacity loss rate compared to other golf cart lithium products currently on the market.

We are a China lithium battery custom factory, focusing on lithium iron phosphate battery custom solutions, if you have a large project and distribution wholesale business, welcome to contact us

BMS Protection of 72v 48v 36v golf cart batteries

The Kamada is a deep-cycle golf cart lithium battery for electric golf carts. The battery is equipped with a BMS protection circuit board that monitors the operating status of the battery in real-time and provides protection against overcharge, over-discharge, over the current, short circuit, over temperature, and equalization when necessary, and cuts off the inputs and outputs of the battery for protection.
Kamada lifepo4 battery 48 100ah features flexible installation, fast charging, and maintenance-free.

Golf Cart Battery Specification  KMD-G51100
Nominal Voltage 51.2v 36v 48v 72v or Customisation
Nominal Capacity 100Ah
Battery Type LFP (Lifepo4)
Depth of discharge (DoD) 95%
Charging Current 50A @25℃
Discharging Current 100A @25℃
Operating Temperature Range -30℃~+60℃
Humidity 5%~95%
Dimensions 535*330*217
Weight 45KGS
Ingress Protection Rating IP65
Cycle life Around 4000 Times
Optional RS485 / RS232 / CAN / Bluetooth / LCD Display / APP

Kamada Golf Cart Lithium Battery Key Advantages

1.More energy density, more stable and compact
2.IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating Upgrading
3.Conveniently and easy to replace and use.
4.5 Years warranty brings you a piece of mind.
5.Saving up to 70% expenditures for you in 5 years

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