China Professional Lithium Battery Solution Provider

KAMADA not only has the largest on-hand selection of lithium-ion batteries ready to ship, but we also have our own in-house manufacturing facility where we can make you a custom battery for your specific application, whatever that may be.

The most common integration needs are tailored to a specific environment (operating temperature constraints, shape or size packs, resistance to vibration and sealing, etc.).

★ Select cells that meet the constraints expressed (size, power, energy density, etc.)

★ Design any external systems (cooling, heating, ventilation, charger, etc)

★ Design of the outer casing (housing, protection, insulation)

★ Battery Management System integration

★ Prototyping and tests in our workshops

★ Certification and Production

In order to provide the best product, we use only selected battery elements from reputable global suppliers. Battery cells, BMS, and peripheral systems are trained and tested in-house before being released for production.

We guarantee a very high level of safety for our products. The drastic selection of elements allows for high-performance batteries, with a very high lifetime.